How to Make the Most of an Apartment Tour to Find an Apartment Fast

find an apartmentApartment tours can be tricky business when you’re trying to find an apartment.  If you’re not prepared, you might feel rushed and confused, and ultimately might leave feeling like you didn’t get all the information you need to make the right choice to find an apartment.  Here are some things to remember in order to make the most of your apartment tours to help you find an apartment quickly and easily.

Do Your Research

Before you even step into an apartment’s leasing office, be sure you’ve done your research about the property.  Above all, make sure you know what you’re looking for in an apartment.  Decide your price point, the amenities you need, the type of neighborhood you want to live in, and anything else that’s important to you when you start the search to find an apartment.  Find out what the neighborhood is like, read apartment reviews, peruse the apartment’s website.  If you can’t find out what you want to know online or from friends, be ready to ask the leasing agent once you’re on your apartment tour.

Ask Lots of Questions

Next, compile all of your questions into a list and write them down.  We recommend this because even those who have an excellent memory can be overwhelmed by the amount of information leasing offices like to give prospective renters who want to find an apartment.  There’s nothing like leaving a leasing office only to remember the three make-or-break questions you meant to ask.  As you take the apartment tour, reference your list, and ask about the specifics of the apartment’s amenities, the units available, what the apartment allows and doesn’t allow in the way of pets, guests, apartment modifications—whatever you’re most concerned about.

Document Your Tour

Because it usually takes multiple tours and options to find an apartment, it can be difficult to keep apartments’ information straight.  Even if you’re certain that you’ll remember what you like and dislike about an apartment, write it down anyway.  When you are on your fifth tour to find an apartment, you’ll be happy you have something to reference when you start to compare apartments.

Explore on Your Own

Once you complete the official apartment tour, explore the area on your own to determine whether or not it’s right for you.  What sorts of resources are in the neighborhood?  What is the noise level like?  What is traffic like at different times of the day?  Gathering this information on your own can help you find an apartment that truly meets your needs.