Renting loft apartments can provide a refreshing alternative

renting_loft_apartmentsLoft apartments might be the perfect cure for the common cube – that is, the ordinary rental apartment or efficiency that we’ve all seen and lived in for years. Rental apartments can suffer from low ceilings, commercial-grade carpeting, paper-thin walls, and an overall lack of character. Loft apartments, like the Chicago loft for rent depicted here, are usually apartments built in a former industrial building that’s been converted for units for rent. As a result, loft apartments often feature distinctive and unique attributes like natural materials, exposed support beams, high ceilings, large windows, vintage signage, and exposed brick walls.

It’s also becoming popular for new apartment complexes to be built in “loft style.” Loft-style apartments emulate original loft apartments in design and construction. Depending on the developer and the location, loft-style apartments can be identical to or even more comfortable than a true loft apartment. New loft-style apartments are built specifically for residential renters, and can take advantage of modern materials and techniques that save energy and increase the “liveability” of a loft apartment. Even older converted buildings, like this Detroit loft apartment, can boast modern features like stained concrete floors and gated parking.

As you might expect, loft apartments tend to proliferate in the warehouse districts of denser, more industrial cities. Loft apartments in Philadelphia and loft-style condos in Chicago are the kinds of dwellings a renter might expect to see.

However, since loft apartments are being built new all around the world, we strongly recommend that you use our “Find an Apartment” search tool to look for loft apartments in your desired city! For example, this sparkling loft apartment in Rochester Hills, Michigan, was built in 1997 with modern conveniences like a racquetball court and outdoor pool. And if you rent a loft apartment, don’t forget to claim your reward for finding it through – it could earn you $200!