Seven New Helpful Features on

apartment search new featuresSo, you’re going to move in the near future, but you have no idea where your new home should be? is here to help you find your dream home in a community that fits all of your needs. To aid you in your search, we’ve added seven new features to our website that will make choosing a little easier.

Cost of Living
One of our brand new features is the Cost of Living tool. With it, you have the ability to compare two locations by entering a zip code, county, or city. When you compare two areas, you will see a report that tells you what change in disposable income to expect by location. You will also see two charts that display the difference in monthly expenses as well as a comparison of the cost of living indexes.

School Report Card
We understand that relocating your family can be difficult. On top of everything else, it’s extremely important to consider where your children will attend school. That’s why we have provided you with the School Report Card tool, which will show you everything you need to know about schools across the country, from an assessment of the facilities to lists of academic and extra curricular opportunities.

Community Comparison
The Community Comparison feature allows you to compare two different communities side-by-side. You’ll be able to see demographics, employment information, and scholastic information. Additionally, you can compare climate and tax differences.

Salary Analyzer
Our Salary Analyzer lets you choose two cities and compare the salary difference for your specific profession.

Crime Reports
It is important to feel safe in your new city. We have made getting your hands on crime statistics quick and easy with the Crime Reports feature. By typing in a city or zip code you are able to instantly view the area’s risk factors and crime rate compared to the rest of the nation.

Community Explorer
It’s also important to find a community that really feels like home. This is why the Community Explorer tool was added to our site, and why it’s so wonderful. By selecting attributes you want in a community, you can find someplace that is just right for you.

At we understand that financing a new home can be really stressful, which is why we have added the Calculators feature to our website. This tool consists of ten different calculators that will answer many of the questions you’ve been asking yourself like, “What am I able to afford?” and “Should I rent or buy?”

We hope that you find these new features extremely helpful. If you ever have any