8 Signs It’s Time to Move Out of Your Parent’s Basement

Adult son eating breakfast at his parent's house, with parents looking frustrated in the backgroundFor the first time in more than 130 years, adults ages 18-34 are more likely to be living in their parents’ home than they are to be living with a spouse or partner in their own house or apartment, reports Pew Social Trends. Are you one these folks? Check out these 8 (somewhat hilarious) signs it may be time to move out of your parent’s place and into an abode of your own. It’s easier and more affordable than you ever imagined!

1. Your mom can’t sleep without knowing you’re safe in bed.
She’s worried. You said that you would be home around 11 PM and not to wait up, but it’s 11:04 PM and you haven’t responded to her 15 text messages from the past half hour. You could have been kidnapped and she has no reason to believe that you weren’t. Because you AREN’T RESPONDING! Oh no! If it gets to be 11:10 PM, that’s it. The authorities will be called. And you’ll be embarrassed when they show up to your friend’s apartment looking for you, aka the “abducted child.”

2. Your room is straight out of the 90s.
You haven’t redecorated since 1999, and for some reason, you are okay with this. Look…let’s be honest. It’s time to reevaluate. Those blacklight posters are only acceptable for so long and your glow-in-the-dark stars hardly glow anymore. Your neon inflatable couch makes it difficult to relax and having to blow it up more every time someone comes over is, quite frankly, a hassle.

3. Your “private time” isn’t so private.
Everyone needs some alone time, especially if you find a special person with whom you’d like to, dare you say, “Netflix and Chill.” But when dad comes in announcing that he loves this movie, your intimate setting quickly turns into the new venue for popcorn-making and vibe-killing.

4. When it comes to cooking, two’s a party – three’s a crowd.
Your poor parents. Your aunt gave her that “Dinners for Two” book right after you and your siblings were supposed to be gone – yet, there it sits, lonely and gathering dust on the kitchen counter. That’s because your parents aren’t “two.” They’re still “three” and you’re cramping their style. Get out and become a “one” already!

5. Your race car bed has been too short for your legs for years.
It really is still cool. You’re kind of known for it. But, comfort trumps cool, and your legs have been hanging off the end since ‘96. Priorities.

6. Your laundry has stopped doing itself.
Okay, your mom was doing it. But now she’s not. And your room has never been messier. In fact, you’re not even sure how to do laundry, are you? Ask your sweet mama for Laundry 101 and get ready to begin your new life as a grown up. (And then, if you want, eat cereal or candy for dinner. Because after all, you are an adult! Make good choices, kids.)

7. The renovations your parents keep making are the worst alarm clock ever.
The constant hammering never ends. Mom wants a new island constructed in the kitchen and dad’s been waiting for you to leave the basement so that he can turn it into his man cave. Until then, though, he’ll hire a guy to just run a jackhammer outside every morning at eight until you finally give in. (Dad’s very subtle.)

8. Your mom insists that you call her “roomie.”
Oh geez. “Mommy” would almost be better. You’re an adult! Remember?! Though, now that you think of it, Dad is kind of her roomie…which makes you…their…”baby?” Wow. You gotta get outta here.

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