5 Apartment Hunting Tips for Working Expats

passport-suitcaseNext week, the 2014 FIFA World Cup begins in Brazil. Soccer teams from 32 countries and fans from across the world will be calling Brazil home for the next few weeks. This vast array of cultures will not just be confined to the various hotels and soccer stadiums. They will take the opportunity to get acquainted with all that Brazil has to offer.

Similarly, this summer will also see an increase in the number of expatriates visiting the United States for temporary or temporary-to-permanent work assignments. Many, having never been to America before, will be unfamiliar with the things they need to look for when are shopping for their new home. The most popular option is to select an apartment due to the cost savings and flexibility that apartment living offers. This is why it is often apartments that house the international work force of our country.

Here are our top 5 tips to help expats find the right apartment for their U.S. work assignments:

1. Consider Apartment Location

The United States is a big place. Even in smaller less populated cities, some people live in an apartment that is an hour or more away from where they work. These long commutes clog the roadways and sometimes make the journey between work and home a bit stressful. When deciding on which apartments to choose, ask how long the commute is to your office from there. The leasing agents know the traffic patterns around the community and can help you decide if the commute time meets your lifestyle needs.

2. Remember Apartment Price

When choosing an apartment, price is often a big factor in your decision. However, many of the apartments that you will visit change their prices regularly, sometimes even on a daily basis. This is not done to confuse you. The leasing teams operate a computer system that sets the price of the apartment based on a variety of factors. Make sure that, when you speak to the leasing staff at the apartment communities that you are considering, you ask them how long the quoted prices are valid for. Remember, the apartment community you saw today and are considering for tomorrow might have been seen by someone yesterday who could rent it today.

3. Account for Furniture and Appliances

Furnishing your apartment is another factor to prepare for. Fortunately, most apartments come with a stove and refrigerator included. Many will have garbage disposals and dishwashers too. Some even have shared outdoor grilling areas. In some cases, you may be able to find a corporate apartment that has the furniture included as part of the rental. Often, these are a more expensive monthly option.

Another choice is to rent the furniture yourself. CORT Furniture Rental offers a great selection of items at a variety of prices. The final option for furniture is to buy the items you need. Most cities have a variety of furniture stores available. Many also have a CORT Furniture Clearance Center that provides top quality rental returns for sale – items designed specifically for apartment living. This is a great way to save money and still get stylish furniture for your new apartment.

4. Ask About Apartment Lifestyle

Apartments are a great lifestyle choice. They offer you the ability to mingle with neighbors at a variety of activities and provide plenty of amenities to make living there more enjoyable. Many have recreational offerings like a fitness center, swimming pool, tennis court, and even a playground for children. This means that you do not have to travel far to do the things you want to do. The apartment community that you consider may even have monthly hosted activities. Make sure to ask the apartment leasing agent about the things that their residents like to do both at the community and in the surrounding neighborhood.

5. Find Your Apartment Efficiently

In many of the areas that you will look for your apartment, there will be a large number of apartment options. You could spend days looking around for the place that is right for you. To simplify your search, use the vast knowledge of a company such as ApartmentSearch.com. They have listings of the apartments in the area that you are searching and can quickly help you narrow your list based on the location, price, and amenity options that you request. Additionally, you can even earn up to $200 in rewards for letting the apartment community know that you found your apartment using ApartmentSearch.com.