Top 10 Apartment Search Websites

Happy couple laying on floor, looking at apartment search sites on laptopShopping for a new apartment can be overwhelming. Sure, many times you can jump into your car and scour the area in search of that perfect place. But, if you need to save time —or if you live in a different city or state — most searches for a new apartment begin online. But which site do you use? Are all apartment internet listing services the same? How do you choose? These questions alone can drive any apartment seeker mad. Luckily, we did the legwork for you and found the top 10 sites you can use to find your next apartment.

No. 1 ApartmentSearch
Whether you are a professional looking to relocate for work, a college student seeking an apartment close to college, or a family seeking a newer, better, furnished apartment, ApartmentSearch has you covered. As a division of CORT, the site’s national partnerships with apartment management companies offer an unparalleled resource for market information, all while making them a one-stop shop for furnished apartments. Also, they are the only national apartment Internet listing service that pays users a $200 reward for using them. Whether you are looking to move across the state, across the country, or from another part of the world, ApartmentSearch has you covered for everything you need to make finding your new apartment easy.

No. 2 For Rent
Another one of the most regarded brands in the multi-family industry, ForRent prides itself on a great experience for apartment shoppers. They have teams meeting with your potential apartment community on a daily basis so they can bring you the most up-to-date listing possible. College students seeking a new place to live also love ForRent University, specifically designed to help them find a great apartment for college.

No. 3 Apartment Guide
One of the most established brands in the nation, Apartment Guide is one of the top respected names in the multifamily industry. Easy-to-use with a huge assortment of apartment listings, Apartment Guide brings you up-to-the-minute info on the latest rental available. Just as with ForRent, their team is on the streets and in the offices of the apartments you are keeping in mind. This means they have the latest scoop on the apartment communities you are considering moving to.

No. 4 Lovely
Looking for an apartment? There is an app for that. Only a few of years ago, Lovely hit the apartment-finding scene and took the nation by storm. Lovely’s interactive app is one-of-a-kind and is an especially useful tool for people who are out and about looking for a great new apartment to call home.

No. 5 ApartmentList
For anyone who loves a great digital experience when searching for a new apartment, look no further than ApartmentList. Both the website and app are interactive, and a joy to engage with. ApartmentList provides some of the most fun you can have when looking for a new apartment.

No. 6 Trulia
Another one of the big dogs of the real estate finding world, Trulia is also a great place to find a single family home rental and they have plenty of apartments to boot. We love the info bar at the top of its search map, which gives info on crime, schools, commute and other factors.

No. 7 Zillow
Being one of the real estate search giants has its advantages. Zillow has an expansive listing of rentals in nearly every market in the U.S. However, Zillow’s site and app are not the easiest to use when seeking a new rental. While the service provides apartment listings to choose from, Zillow truly shines if you are looking to rent a single family home, though it still has lots of traditional apartments to search among. The way Zillow groups listings together by popular criteria is a great place to start.

No. 8 Rent Cafe
Rent Cafe has a very elegant layout and feel. The added information they provide for marketplaces via their “Rent Trends” tab is especially appealing. Also, the site’s informative blog is often cited by national news sources. They have limited listings in certain markets but are a great resource for those looking in a major metro area (especially in the western half of the U.S.).

No. 9 Apartment Finder
Being one of the most established brands in the industry, Apartment Finder remains a great choice for individuals seeking a new apartment. The 3D tour in the photo gallery is a stand-out feature, and the simplicity of seeing the amenities offered by thumbnail make for a nice, interactive experience. This is an especially good choice when searching in smaller cities and towns.

No. 10 Hot Pads
Hot Pads has a terrific interactive map when you start to search by city. It also sports a handy “Get Alerts” feature so you can be updated when new options that meet your search criteria come online. It is a great option for people looking to move within the same area.