Top 5 Places You Should Consider Moving To This Summer

San Antonio, Texas riverwalk at night

The vibrant Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas

There are a million and one “best places” lists out there. The best places to find a job, best places to get a cup of coffee, top cities to save money, and so on. We’ve read them all, but the most important list we watch is where people want to move to get a great apartment. While all the lists have their own unique spins, ours is a little different.

We have analyzed all of the lists and also taken a close look at jobs that upcoming college grads are seeking. All of this, combined with the cost of living, ways to have fun, and the availability of affordable apartments, have led us to bring you our list of the top 5 places you should consider moving to this summer.

City #5: San Antonio, Texas

Not everyone can afford cities like New York, Chicago, and Boston. And other Texas cities like Austin and Houston have become oversaturated during the past few years. Enter San Antonio. Here, there are lots of jobs waiting for you and a lot of living at your fingertips. It is very affordable. In fact, it made the US News & World Report’s Most Affordable Cities of 2017 list. There is a ton of fun to be had here as well, including The Riverwalk, Six Flags and other theme parks, plus museums and the botanical gardens. However, all of this means that apartments in San Antonio will go fast this summer, so you better start looking now.

City #4: Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota

The Twin Cities are known for being affordable and renter-friendly. But there has also been a massive job boom in the past few years. More and more people are taking notice of the benefits of renting an apartment in Minneapolis. It’s a foodie’s paradise and offers a million things to do! You could spend a year eating out and never have the same meal twice. Sure, winters in Minneapolis – St. Paul are brutally cold, but if you love fun in the snow and great city living, Minneapolis – St. Paul may be calling your name.

City #3: Charlotte, North Carolina

What do Bank of America, Harris Teeter, and Duke Energy all have in common? They are all in Charlotte and they all have jobs to fill. To top it off, this city ranked 15th on the most desirable places to live list. The climate has the right mix of all seasons. And talk about fun! Charlotte is a sports fan’s paradise with pro football, pro basketball, Triple-A baseball, NASCAR, and collegiate sports, right in your back yard. Immerse yourself in southern hospitality and great food when you find your next apartment in Charlotte.

City #2: Columbus, Ohio

“OH…IO!” You can hear the chant all around you when you arrive and settle into your new Columbus apartment. Serving as a huge hub in the Midwest for finance and medical jobs, Columbus has much more to offer than one of the most popular colleges in America. Locals love going to the Columbus Zoo and Franklin Park, and families with kids can spend days at the COSI. And, if you love German food, you have found the right place to call home in Columbus.

City #1: Las Vegas, Nevada

It might seem an odd choice to top the list, but it is here for a reason. Las Vegas has it all. An abundance of affordable apartments, lots to do (even if you are on a budget), and tons of jobs. You will even be able to watch the new stadium for the Las Vegas Raiders rise from the ground. The only thing hotter than the summer heat is the fun you can have living here. Maybe the time has come for you to look to the Nevada desert for an apartment in Las Vegas!

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