5 Ways to Move Apartments While Maintaining Good Credit

moving while maintaining creditMoving apartments is, unfortunately, a pain. It doesn’t matter when you move, who helps you, how far you go, or how much money you shell out—it will most likely cost undue stress, a lot of time, and a fair chunk of change. However, moving apartments doesn’t have to take a toll on your credit.  Paying attention to those little plastic paycards in your wallet during the moving process will do your credit report a world of good.  Follow these guidelines to maintain your credit score.

1. Be Smart about Applying to Apartments

While applying to apartments, know your credit score ahead of time so you can be honest.  If you’re worried about too many inquiries on your credit report, pull your own credit score and make copies so your potential landlord won’t have to when evaluating your application.  And remember, even if your credit isn’t stellar, you can still rent with bad credit.

2. Budget Your Moving Expenses

Part of building good credit is the ability to manage your expenses.  However, this can be tricky when you have large expenses like a big move suddenly in the picture.  To prep for the process, examine your bank account and determine how much money you can afford to spend on moving apartments.  This number may be the difference between a total DIY move and using a moving company.  Factor transportation costs, security deposits, pet deposits or pet rent, and new furniture into your budget.

3. Change Your Billing Address

Before you move apartments, be sure to change your billing address on all your accounts so there are no billing discrepancies.  Check everything from credit card statements to monthly magazine subscriptions.  You should also change your address with the USPS so no mail goes missing, and cancel any old auto payment to accounts for your current apartment’s utilities.

4. Set up Auto Payment for Your Credit Card Bills

It’s easy for the day-to-day responsibilities to fall by the wayside during the moving process.  By setting up auto payment you don’t have to worry about paying your bill on time.  A late or missed payment can really affect your credit score—in fact, it counts for up to 35% of it.

5. Decorate with Discretion

If you’ve careful with your moving finances, you may be tempted to splurge with a big purchase like a new TV or luxurious couch.  But not so fast!  You can still decorate your apartment on a budget.  Spruce up your apartment with what you’ve got, plus a few accents here and there.

More Moving and Credit Tips

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