Apartment ratings can be extremely helpful when searching for that perfect apartment. Apartment ratings and reviews tell potential residents whether an apartment complex will be a good fit for them. Thanks to many helpful Web sites, finding that perfect place to call home is a lot easier than it used to be. Tons of current and former residents are eager to give their two cents on whether they liked their apartment, often rating things like grounds, office staff, amenities and safety in the apartment ratings. Here are a few Web sites that provide apartment ratings.Apartment Ratings

Apartment Ratings at ApartmentRatings.com

Apartment ratings at ApartmentRatings.com give people the chance to read real apartment ratings by real residents. In fact, this site has over 579,000 apartment ratings of residences all over the country. There are quite a few funny reviews, and of course there are plenty of livid ones and positive ones. Reviewers on this site definitely aren’t afraid to speak their mind, and it’s a good thing — you can be warned about potentially unsafe apartment complexes or unhelpful management by viewing the apartment ratings on this site. It is free to use.

Apartment Reviews: No Shortage of Apartment Ratings

ApartmentReviews.net is another place to find great apartment ratings. Like ApartmentRatings.com, you can search this site to find apartment ratings of residences all over the country. The mantra of this site, similar to other apartment ratings sites, is to “help others choose the right apartments.” Talk about good karma — reviewers on this site are also honest and helpful, and clicking on a state on the map will lead you to a page listing cities in that state. From there, you pick your city, and you’ll see a list of apartments along with peek at the score of the apartment. Apartment ratings include factors like security, parking, management, appearance and maintenance.

College Apartment Reviews at RateMyApartments.com

RateMyApartments.com seems to be more aimed toward the college crowd, with a focus on college apartment reviews. This can definitely be a helpful tool for students who have little or no experience in renting a college apartment. Many new renters might make the mistake of signing a lease for a place that’s the cheapest, or the place that looks the nicest. But failing to check out apartment ratings is a huge mistake that they’ll undoubtedly realize down the road. This site makes moving into that first place easier for college students. Users must choose their state and then the college they’re attending. After that, they’ll be taken to a page that lists apartment ratings for complexes near that school.

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