Apartment Living: Are You Ready for Move-in Day?

key resting in a lock


This week on our apartment living blog we are featuring a guest post! “The Scoop On Move-in Day” is written by Jasmine, a student at The University of Texas at Austin. It is an account of her experiences and the tips she learned from moving into her first apartment!


The Scoop On Move-in Day:

Move-in day has finally arrived. You’ve re-read your lease a thousand times and completed the Moving Checklist, now you are ready to just get everything from the moving truck into your new apartment. Before you do, there are a few things that need to be done in order to get started on your apartment living experience.

Payment Plan

When you pick up your keys for the first time, there are a few things you can expect. If you did not pay your rent upon signing a lease, you will be required to make payments on any leftover administrative fees, as well as your first month’s rent. If you are responsible for utilities, don’t forget to provide your account number to your leasing manager to avoid being charged.

Figure out how you will pay your rent and bills each month. Will you set-up online regular bill payments, write checks or buy money orders? Your bank will probably be most helpful when it comes to figuring out what you need.

The Walk-through

For the student living in a college apartment there are probably many overlooked minor mishaps in your new apartment. If there is a crack in the refrigerator or a chip on the baseboard, document it and take pictures. Make note of any and every imperfection to make sure you are not responsible for damages. The more details you can provide, the better. Dated photos will serve as proof in the event that you are charged after documentation.

There is most likely a section in your lease that includes completing an inspection room by room. This sheet will need to be turned in to your leasing manager within 24-48 hours to determine if maintenance work will need to be ordered.

Organizing Your New Space

Bedding, towels, a change of clothes, and cleaning supplies are the first items you will need to unpack after a long day of work. You will need a good night’s rest before organizing everything you own. Finding a place for everything is key to apartment living, since the space is generally smaller than what you are normally used to. Don’t hesitate to set a timeline to finish unpacking. You don’t want to spend 6 months unpacking boxes, only to realize you will be packing again in 3 months.


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