5 Apartment Safety Tips to Help You Sleep Easy

apartment safetyApartment safety tips may seem like common sense, but don’t get careless and leave yourself open to crime. Here are five apartment safety tips to consider. (Don’t forget to look into buying renters insurance, too!)

Apartment Safety Tip #1: Lock Your Door

Believe it or not, this is one of the most important apartment safety tips. Remember, most burglars are looking for the easiest opportunity. We’ve all left a door unlocked while we get the second load of groceries out of the car. You think you’ll just be gone for a minute, and you don’t want to have to fumble with the key again. You can always set the groceries down beside your door, unlock it, and pick them up again. Also, don’t leave a hidden key in a plant, under the mat, in a fake rock, or anywhere near your door.

Apartment Safety Tip #2: Leave the Light On

Leave a light on for safety, especially when you know you’ll be coming home after dark. If you’re worried about running up the utility bill and going through bulbs, use a compact fluorescent bulb. You might also put on some music at a low volume.

Apartment Safety Tip #3: Be Careful When Answering the Door

Don’t just open your apartment door to anyone, especially when you’re not expecting them. Use that peephole.

Apartment Safety Tip #4: Get to Know Your Neighbors

We recommend finding an apartment neighbor who can be a friend. You can look out for each other. Also, if you should have an emergency, strangers in your apartment complex may ignore you out of fear, but if they know you, chances are they’ll open the door or at least try and get some help.

Apartment Safety Tip #5: Improve Your Apartment Safety with a Pet

Thieves hate pets, especially dogs. Dogs, birds and even some cats can raise a very loud ruckus if a stranger enters your apartment. Consider seeking apartments that take pets and adopt a pet from the local animal shelter. Burglars will probably not want to come in, and you’ll have a great new friend.