Best Practices for Moving Across the Country

Couple unpacking moving boxesAdd the stress of traveling 2,000+ miles across the country to the process of packing up all your worldly possessions, and you know stressful moving apartments can be. However, knowing a few helpful tricks to cross-country moving can alleviate a lot of the worry and anxiety that comes with it. Whether you’re moving for job relocation or a fresh start, following these tips can ease the transition process.

Throw Out or Donate Stuff

Haven’t worn that shirt in a year? Donate it. Don’t like that poster from your college dorm anymore? Give it to a friend. Use this move to your advantage and clear out items that aren’t essential or sentimental. The more things you can let go of, the less you have to pack and unpack later. Cleaning off everything before packing it will also cut down your unpacking time it when you get there. Embrace the new chapter of your life and get rid of some of that old stuff!

Pack Sturdy and Smart

This isn’t just moving across town, your belongings will be packed away in a moving truck for thousands of miles. Who knows how many speed bumps, potholes, and sharp turns you will encounter in your travels? Make sure to pack each box correctly with heavy items on the bottom. Using sturdier boxes or even plastic bins can help eliminate tossing and turning in the back of the truck.

Figure Out Transportation

Are you going to drive your car across country? Or will you pull your vehicle with a trailer hitch on the moving truck? Try to make this decision at least a few weeks before moving day. Some moving companies don’t have hitches on-hand and have to reserve them in advance. Plus, if you have a friend or family member drive with you, they’ll need to make travel arrangements as well.

Meticulously Plan Your Travel Route

Mapping out your exact route from city-to-city helps you estimate gas mileage, travel costs, and hotels. If the drive is more than 48 hours, book your hotels a few weeks in advanced. This way, you’re more likely to keep to your schedule and arrive on time! Although GPS is pretty reliable these days, it can’t hurt to print out directions in case you lose service or the battery dies. No one likes getting lost, especially while in unfamiliar areas.

Consider a Short-Term Lease Apartment

It’s likely that you already scouted out apartments for rent long before moving across country. If you’re nervous about how much you will like the neighborhood or area you moved into, look into renting an apartment with a short-term lease. This way you can have a few months to decide how you feel without being locked into a yearlong lease.

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