How to Move Apartments with a Cat in Tow

ApartmentSearch_Cat-in-BoxSo you have an adorable cat at home, and are worried about how it’ll react to a big apartment move. We understand; cats follow a daily routine, and if that’s disrupted they can become very stressed. To minimize the amount of loud meowing you’ll hear during the moving process, we’ve compiled a to-do list for your feline friends:

1. Stay Away from Commotion

On moving day, it’s best to keep your cat away from any chaos by keeping it separated from the movers when they’re going in and out of your home. To do this, you can designate a room that is a “cat-only” room, or you can take him to a kennel while this part of the move is taking place. The first option is less traumatic, but if that isn’t possible, the last thing you want is your cat escaping.

2. Comfortable Transportation

While transporting your cat, it is imperative that you make it feel comfortable. This step is especially important because it will be such a stressful time. You can do things to help with its anxiety like loading the cat carrier with blankets, towels, or pillows, but there’s no guarantee that this will ease the tension – there is a high possibility that your cat will howl or cry. If you think that transporting it will be too stressful, definitely talk to your vet about putting your cat on anti-anxiety medicine.

3. Keep a Watchful Eye

Once you’re in your new apartment, you should again designate a room for your cat. This will allow the movers to come in and out of the space without worrying about your feline friend getting loose. Once everyone has cleared out, you can let your cat explore as it will be curious. Just make sure to watch where it’s going and what it’s doing since it will still probably have some anxiety.

Over a week or two you will notice your cat becoming its old self again as it becomes used to the new surroundings. Once this transition happens, you can then let it wander around the apartment as it pleases.

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