Items on an Eco-Friendly Moving Checklist

moving checklist

Moving is a stressful process for everyone involved… but did you know that moving can also be hard on the environment? Before you assemble your moving checklist, remember that there are plenty of things you can do during your move that will eliminate waste. Here are some things can put on your moving checklist  in order to make your move a little more Earth-friendly.

1. Use Earth-Friendly Packing Materials

The first step on your “green” moving checklist should be to find some eco-friendly packing materials. This could be something as simple as obtaining your cardboard boxes from friends or asking local stores for extra boxes, rather than buying cardboard boxes. Some stores are not willing to give boxes away, but others are happy to work with you so you can take their excess cardboard boxes. Alternatively, you can rent reusable packing containers, as well as other packing materials, from environmentally-friendly moving companies.

2. Donate Food

When you clean out your pantry and refrigerator before you move, consider donating all unopened food to your local Food Pantry. You won’t have to worry about wasting food or transporting it to your new home. You can also compost any food that can’t be donated.

3. Clean Out Your Closet

Look through all the closets and storage areas in your home and decide what items need to go with you and which don’t. Those that can stay behind can either be donated or sold. In doing this, you will be using fewer packing materials and making fewer trips between your old home and your new one.

4. Use Green Cleaning Supplies

You’ll be cleaning both your old apartment and your new one, so putting green cleaning supplies on your moving checklist is a must. Plenty of major cleaning product lines have environmentally-friendly cleaners. Swap out your regular cleaners for one of them for a quick fix. You can also search online for recipes to make your own cleaning solutions for windows, floors, ovens and more, all using ingredients you already own!

5. Hire an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

If you decide that making the whole move by yourself is too overwhelming, eliminate a ton of the items on your moving checklist by hiring an eco-friendly moving company! These moving companies can provide everything from re-usable moving materials to biodiesel-powered trucks to assist you with you move.

More Moving Checklist Help

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