Moving Apartments With Pets

Cat peeking out of a boxWhen it comes time for a big move between apartments, there are enough things to worry about on top of having to ease the transition for your four-legged roommates. The prospect of moving with pets may seem daunting and stressful for both you and your furry friend, but it doesn’t have to be. Making time to plan for your apartment cats or dogs is worth the effort. These simple steps will make moving day and the first week in your new home much more comfortable for your pet, and for you.

First, consider what type of animal you have and its specific personality and needs. You’ll want to pack and plan in a way that accommodates them throughout the process of moving apartments. For example, cats are sensitive about new environments, and may be uncomfortable with some aspects of travel. Acclimate your kitty to her carrier for about a week before the move, by leaving it out for her to familiarize with. Include a soft blanket and favorite toy in the carrier on the day of the move. Some cats don’t like watching the world go by out the car window, so cover the carrier with another blanket if needed.

Things are a little easier with dogs, who are generally used to leaving apartments with their owners and riding in the car. When your favorite canine sees you packing and preparing to leave, he may feel some anxiety and wonder if he’s coming with you. Reassure your pup by maintaining his normal routine right up through the final day in your current home.

Pack a special bag for your pet to get him or her through the trip to the new apartment, including plenty of food, water, treats, familiar toys and towels for any accidents. If you’ll be travelling out of state, have your pet’s health records on hand. On long drives, cats can generally go 8-10 hours without requiring a litter box.

When you arrive at the new apartment, walk through and check for any open windows and other hazards before releasing your pet to explore the new environment. Keeping familiar objects around them will help make them more comfortable in any apartments. Our best advice is to stay calm yourself, which your perceptive pet will notice and appreciate.

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