Moving Checklist For Apartments: Part 2

woman sitting on the floor of her apartmentLast week, we covered the benefits of creating your own moving checklist, and reviewed a few initial tasks you can start up to a month in advance of your big move. The month-prior mark is a great time to start gathering supplies you’ll need and thinking about the logistics of the move. For example, begin collecting cardboard boxes from the local grocery store and stocking up on tape and markers. You’ll need the markers to label boxes, which helps keep your possessions organized.

About two weeks prior to moving day, begin packing items that are not frequently used but still important. These would include official records and documents, and you’ll want to keep them organized in one secure place. Around this time you should also look into disconnecting and reconnecting utilities such as electricity and internet connection. Schedule the service changes in advance for your moving day, or at least be aware of the process so you can make the right phone calls on the days leading up to your move.

One week before the move, consult your moving checklist and determine which items you plan to bring along in your car and which items will ride with the movers in their truck. Depending on the distance between your old and new apartments, consider getting a car tune-up as well. Separate packed boxes and suitcases depending on which vehicle they’ll be loaded into. One of the most important things to take care of on your moving checklist this week is a major cleaning of your current apartment. To help ensure you receive your full deposit back from your current property managers, clean up so there is no excess dirt or grime in the unit. This includes some tough spots like kitchen stove tops and bathtubs, so designate enough time on your moving checklist to handle this project.

The day before your move, make sure you have payment readily available for the movers, as they will not unload without it. Pack all toiletries, linens, clothing and non-perishable food items, excepting what you will need for the next morning only. Get a good nights sleep, because moving into a new apartment takes plenty of energy and alertness. On moving day, strip the beds and pack up any final possessions. Call up the movers (or any friends helping with the move) to confirm times and both your current and future addresses. Do a final walk-through of your unit, checking every cupboard, drawer and closet for any forgotten items.

Congratulations, you have officially crossed off every item on your moving checklist, and are on your way into the exciting prospect of a new home! If you have hired movers, be sure they take an inventory of all items loaded. Not quite there yet? If you still need to find an apartment, consult our huge database of apartments nationwide,  in popular cities and beyond. We feature a highly searchable database of Dallas apartmentsPhoenix apartmentsAustin apartments, and Seattle apartments to make your search for apartments that much simpler.