Moving Checklist: Moving with Kids

moving checklistMoving with children in tow can be tricky.  A moving checklist can be incredibly helpful in simplifying the moving process.  Whether you are moving across town or across the country, there are lots of changes that come with a move for the family.  New schools, new friends, new home—all will take some adjustment.  In keeping with our National Moving Month theme, here is the moving checklist with top tips for moving with kids.

Talk About the Move

The first item on your moving checklist should be a discussion with the whole family about the move.  Moving can be hard on kids, especially if the move is to a new city.  Have a conversation about why your family is moving, how you feel about it, and how your children feel about it.  Let them know how the moving process will work and what they can expect.

Involve the Kids

Once you’ve held a discussion, next on your moving checklist should be arranging for your children to have a role in the move.  Get their input on the options for new houses or apartments, whether that means touring your potential new home or showing them pictures.  Involve them in choosing décor for their rooms.  When it comes time to start packing, help them sort through their things to decide what they need to bring and what to toss.

Research the Community

Do some research regarding what kinds of activities are available in the area to which you are moving.  The more your children can feel included in their new neighborhood, the easier the adjustment will be.  Browse their new school’s website, check out what kinds of after-school activities are available in the community, and read the local paper to get a good idea what your new community will be like.  Share the information you find with your kids.  Don’t feel obligated to overemphasize the positive things; honesty and candor will be much more helpful.

Plan Road Trip Entertainment

If you’re making a long-distance move, make sure that you have taken care of entertainment for the drive.  This moving checklist item can be as simple as a family game of “I Spy”, or as planned as a round of road trip bingo.  However you choose to entertain them, keeping kids occupied for the duration of the car trip can cut down on parent frustration and kid impatience.

Share Your Moving Checklist and Tips

What are your tips for moving with kids?  What items were on your moving checklist, and how did you make the transition easier for your family?  Find on Twitter and Facebook and share your own moving checklist and moving experiences!