Moving in with Your Significant Other: 1 Bedroom or 2?

Couple Moving Chair Up StaircaseIt’s been a while since you and your partner have been together, and things are going well. Your apartment leases are nearing an end, and you aren’t renewing your current roommate either. You spend a significant amount of time together anyway…why not just move in?

Remember, this is a bold move, but can be the perfect test to see where your relationship is going. It might even allow you to save on rent if you shop for 1 bedroom apartments. But is 1 bedroom or 2 ideal? Consider these factors when shopping for apartments with your significant other.

Spatial Awareness

Think about the space you’re in now. If you’re in a 1 bedroom apartment and have it perfectly furnished and your closet is full, then sharing that amount of space with another person and their belongings may be tricky. Work out whose furniture is going where, and if either of you are willing to part with some. Make sure and check out the storage options at the apartments you look at as well – some have hidden treasures of storage space.

The Extra Room

If your finances allow, having an extra room sounds ideal. If you’re a frequent host or hostess, you can have a guest bedroom, or if you do some work at home it could be a study. If you or your partner have lots of stuff, be careful not to turn this into a junk room – it’s more common than you think.

You Don’t Have to Decide Yet

If you’re the type of person that likes to feel out if something is right, use your intuition when trying to find the perfect apartment for you and your mate. Perhaps you find a 1 bedroom that is the perfect size and style, or a 2 bedroom for the right price in the right location. Keep an open mind – you don’t have to know exactly what you want when searching for apartments.