Where to Start on Your Search for Austin Apartments

Austin ApartmentsAustin, Texas has no shortage of fans thanks to great weather (besides the many, many 100-degree days this summer!), friendly folks, numerous parks, live music scene and low cost of living. It’s just an all-around fun city. Whether it’s for a job, school or just because, moving to Austin is an easy decision for a lot of people. But once you’ve decided to move, where do you start your search for Austin apartments?

Austin Neighborhoods

There are a ton of very different Austin neighborhoods, so you’ll want to choose carefully based on criteria most important to you, like proximity to your job or school, or just the overall feel of the neighborhood, for example. If you’ll be attending the University of Texas at Austin, nearby neighborhoods like West Campus have a lot of new housing to offer thanks to recent construction. You can also look for Austin apartments on a UT Shuttle route — with a student ID, you can ride these shuttles for free.

Other areas like Hyde Park, Clarksville, Tarrytown and French Place include apartments in historical districts. Families may be interested in renting in suburban areas where, generally, more space can be had for less money. The East Side is a popular pick for those looking to live close to downtown. If you’re looking for luxury apartments, you might have great luck looking in Northwest Austin near the Arboretum area. And South Austin has plenty to offer in terms of funky apartments in lively communities.

Narrowing Down Your Choices

Once you decide on an area, next comes actually finding a place to call home. As we’ve suggested before, making a list of your priorities is a great idea and will help you compare different apartments. For example, if wood floors, a swimming pool and the ability to have a cat are all essential, make note of it so you don’t wind up with something that doesn’t meet your needs.

Enjoy Austin Living

All moved in? Whew — bet you’re glad to be able to put out the welcome mat and relax. Now that you’re settled into your new Austin apartment, you’ll be able to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Take your time and soak up everything, like running on Town Lake, watching the bats, swimming at Barton Springs and shopping on South Congress.

If you’re just getting started on your search for Austin apartments, we’re happy to offer our free apartment search tools — we’re here to help! If you wind up finding an apartment using our site, you can collect up to $200 in apartment rental rewards.