When to Share an Apartment and When to Fly Solo

Renting an apartment with friends and strangers alike can be a blast… until it’s not. Depending on your situation and personality, you might find that you’re better off flying solo. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons to decide.

When to Share:

Your Bank Account Will Thank You

Let’s face it: if you’re thinking about living with roommates, a big reason is probably money. The beauty of roommates is that they split rent with you. If only your dog could pay too, right? A single-bedroom apartment is going to cost you more than a shared apartment pretty much any way you slice it.

In fact, a 2017 report found that in the 25 largest rental markets in the U.S., a renter could save an average 13% of income by sharing a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate.

You’re Oh So Lonely

Some people feel energized by others, and that’s OK. Ask yourself if you have a personality that appreciates company. A roommate can mean someone to share meals, have a great conversation, and go out with on the weekend.

You Want New (Better?) Friends

Living with someone you already know isn’t a guarantee for success, but it can help. On the other hand, if you’re particularly adventurous, or have no other choice, living with strangers can be a great way to make new friends. The search doesn’t have to be stressful! Find out how to respond to a roommate ad. Or, if you’re the one looking for great roommates, find out how to write a roommate ad.

You Hate Chores

I mean, really, who doesn’t? But if you actively despise taking out the trash each week or doing the dishes, a roommate or two can spare you this precious time and energy by splitting the duties with you.

When to Fly Solo:

Your House, Your Rules

Roommates mean sharing. Roommates mean you might have to wait for the bathroom, you can’t blare the TV at 3 AM, and your fridge fills up fast. Oh, and maybe don’t hang up that weird picture of your grandmother. Even the most easy-going roommates require a little bit of compromise.

You Don’t Like Conflict

Conflict is a part of life! Some people avoid it, some people relish it. Even the best roommates have disagreements from time to time. If this sounds like too much to handle for you, it might be best to live alone.

You Want Some “Me” Time

If you’re a person who values privacy, consider the benefits of living alone: you never have to wear pants, you never have to close the bathroom door, and no one can judge you for eating an entire tub of ice cream for dinner. When you live alone, your space is YOUR space. No ifs, ands, or buts.


Living alone is a challenge! But it can be truly rewarding. You’ll gain tons of new life skills, like how to manage your money and eat well. If you’re an independent person or want to become one, flying solo might be right for you.

Whether you’re bringing a roommate or renting a place for yourself, ApartmentSearch can help you find the perfect apartment at the perfect price.