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The prospect of renting a room in an apartment can be both exciting and daunting. Whether you’re a first-time renter, a student looking for roommates in an off-campus apartment, or someone seeking a fresh start, gathering the right information to ensure a smooth living experience with your potential roommates is crucial. Here are the essential questions to ask to make sure you’re well-prepared.

Smiling group of three girls, all stylishly dressed and wearing sunglassesThere are dozens, if not hundreds, of reasons why people are flocking to apartments. For some, those reasons are economic. For others, it’s due to changes in their family size. Still, others rent based on location or because they’re moving for work. All of these people and countless others can speak to the benefits of the apartment lifestyle. From the cost of living to luxury amenities, there are scores of reasons why apartment living is the most popular housing choice for many. But the greatest benefit of all is not often spoken about: the friendships that are created.