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off-campus-student-housingThe fall university semester is quickly approaching. While many students will be returning to their on-campus resident halls and dormitories, many upperclassmen choose to separate their lives from the chaos of on-campus living. Some have simply outgrown the trappings of the freshman life and are more focused on their studies. Some have families of their own, and need a comforting place to bond.

These students are starting to realize the benefits of off-campus living, including traditional apartments and apartments that offer quad-style living. Some of the many benefits that off-campus living provides include:

1. Privacy: Students are able to better focus on their studies because they have a higher quality of life and significantly fewer distractions from roommates, nosy RAs, and others. Apartments – even those that offer quad-style living – offer much more privacy, allowing students to do what they are paying heavily to do: learn.