The Top 5 Benefits of Off-Campus Living

off-campus-student-housingThe fall university semester is quickly approaching. While many students will be returning to their on-campus resident halls and dormitories, many upperclassmen choose to separate their lives from the chaos of on-campus living. Some have simply outgrown the trappings of the freshman life and are more focused on their studies. Some have families of their own, and need a comforting place to bond.

These students are starting to realize the benefits of off-campus living, including traditional apartments and apartments that offer quad-style living. Some of the many benefits that off-campus living provides include:

1. Privacy: Students are able to better focus on their studies because they have a higher quality of life and significantly fewer distractions from roommates, nosy RAs, and others. Apartments – even those that offer quad-style living – offer much more privacy, allowing students to do what they are paying heavily to do: learn.

2. Freedom: Apartments also give students the ability to control who their roommates are, instead of their roommates often being chosen for them. They can choose to live with friends and family members whose interests and lifestyles mesh with theirs. Reducing emotional stress is just as important to a successful college career as reducing physical distractions.

3. Location: Even though these apartment communities are not on-campus, their proximity to the university and to the lifestyle choices – restaurants, libraries, entertainment, etc. – make them excellent places for students to live. Many universities offer little selection in where an individual student may reside when it comes to dorm living. However, the flexibility to choose an apartment off-campus close to friends and the things students like to do is unparalleled. Students can also choose an apartment so close to campus that they can walk or take the bus, saving much-needed money that they would have spent on gas.

4. Amenities: On-campus student housing often offers a limited assortment of amenities to help students feel more comfortable living there. Off-campus housing features a number of amenities, including pools, fitness centers, theaters, and resident events. As an added bonus, these amenities are exclusive for the residents of the community and not for the entire university population.

5. Family life: Upperclassmen are often married or living with their partner, and might even be raising children. They know that apartments provide a much better – but still affordable – lifestyle, allowing them to be in a safe, comfortable environment. Many apartment communities can help renters locate quality and convenient childcare and often provide regular activities just for kids.

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