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First year college student studying on floor, taking notes in bookWhile college is full of new friends, a new school, and completely new experiences altogether, it also goes hand in hand with a whole new world of…adulting. Buying your own toilet paper? Figuring out every meal on your own? Budgeting??? Yep, all of these things need to get done. But don’t fret; being a college student also comes with tons of perks, especially when it comes to saving money. Check out these ideas for stretching your dollars and keeping it up for the rest of your college career, and hopefully, life!

Young smiling couple surround by moving boxes, playing guitar and making memories in their new apartmentThere are nearly 38 million apartment residents in the United States. Each one has their own story to tell and each one chose apartment living for a different reason. I remember my first apartment. It was 1993 and I had milk crates for end tables and a high-voltage line spool for a coffee table. I can still hear the A/C compressor sputter as the unit kicked on. The apartment was small and very old, but it was three blocks from the beach and I loved being able to walk or bike to the sandy shoreline. My apartment was the social center for all of my friends. We would laugh until the early morning hours, and more than once we had a noise complaint. (Hasn’t everyone at one point or another?) It was a great time in my life, but that’s my “first apartment” story. What’s yours and why did you chose apartment living?

off-campus-student-housingThe fall university semester is quickly approaching. While many students will be returning to their on-campus resident halls and dormitories, many upperclassmen choose to separate their lives from the chaos of on-campus living. Some have simply outgrown the trappings of the freshman life and are more focused on their studies. Some have families of their own, and need a comforting place to bond.

These students are starting to realize the benefits of off-campus living, including traditional apartments and apartments that offer quad-style living. Some of the many benefits that off-campus living provides include:

1. Privacy: Students are able to better focus on their studies because they have a higher quality of life and significantly fewer distractions from roommates, nosy RAs, and others. Apartments – even those that offer quad-style living – offer much more privacy, allowing students to do what they are paying heavily to do: learn.