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Young couple Moving in new home.Sitting on floor and relaxing after cleaning and unpacking.Your relationship has gotten serious! With hearts in your eyes and butterflies in your belly, you’ve decided to move in together. Now, you’re ready to tackle your first cohabitation challenge: apartment hunting. This process can quickly move from exciting to stressful if you let it. Here’s how to navigate the tricky waters of apartment hunting with your significant other so you can begin your journey as roommates on a loving (and peaceful) note!

Person with fedora hat is apartment hunting and staring up at tall white apartment complex buildingApartment hunting is about more than finding a new place to store your stuff. It’s a mission to find a place to call home. And, with such an emotionally important mission, there are many considerations that come into play. Sure, money and location are the first things that you may focus on, but there are many other important factors to consider too. Remember, this is more than just an apartment… it’s your home. Here are a few apartment hunting tips to help you choose your next apartment.

Frustrated women in orange sweater as she apartment shops onlineSummer is here and apartment shopping season has begun. While the kids are out of school, many families jump at the chance to relocate without the inconvenience of having to deal with school transfers. Executives from across the country and abroad are arriving in new cities for temporary and permanent work assignments. College students, fresh from graduation, are moving to cities that offer the best career opportunities for new grads. All of these individuals are searching for an apartment, which is not always the easiest task. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming!