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Father in military uniform and young daughter happily huggingIt’s no secret that the heroes among us, our servicemen and women and their families, have to move…a lot. If you’re part of a military family, you know that the experience can be hectic and unpleasant. The whole thing gets old, doesn’t it? And you definitely don’t want to forget something important just because you’re sick of moving. You’ve got a lot of choices to make and things to keep track of, whether it’s your first move or your fifteenth. To help out our men and women in uniform, we’ve compiled some of the best moving info to make the transition as easy as possible.

Soldier salutes his fallen comrades on Memorial Day 2016TIME… It is said that time will heal all wounds, but that is not the case. Time only serves as a reminder. It is a reminder that the hurt is still there, but is somehow lessened by the fact that we still persevere. For those we honor on Memorial Day, time is a testament. It is the keystone on which the archway of our freedom is formed. As the passages of time roll on, we pause on this day and allow time to stand still.

Soldier Salutes Fallen ComradesOn Tuesday, November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day in the U.S. There really is nothing more important than thanking our veterans who have served this country in World War II, the Vietnam War, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and other military actions throughout the world. They have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that we – and our families – live peaceful lives in the country that we love. The millions of active duty and reserve Americans serving in the U.S. Army, the Navy, the Marines and the National Guard also deserve our wholehearted support on this day and every day throughout the year.

We also honor the thousands of apartment communities across this great land, which house many of our country’s active duty military and veterans. Service men and women who live in apartments realize that this type of housing often offers them the best opportunities and lifestyle for themselves and their families.