Why Renting Furniture Makes PCSing So Much Easier

Military man holding fluffy white dog, next to wife looking on with joyMoving is stressful. Moving as a military family? Well, it’s like second nature… but nonetheless stressful! Turns out, renting furniture can make a PCS (or Permanent Change of Station) epically easier. From helping you save money on storage and avoid having to cram ill-fitting furniture into a new home, find out how military furniture rental can help make your move (and your new life) a breeze!

You won’t need to worry about furniture getting damaged during the move.

That’s because you won’t be moving any! Moving all of your furniture from one place to another means a million chances of breaking, scratching, scuffing, or even losing something. If you rent furniture, none of it will have to be wrapped, packed, or boxed up. Pack up your clothing and other personal items and leave the heavy-lifting to someone else.

You can rent furniture to fit the space.

Furniture that works perfectly in one house might not work in another. If you’re moving somewhere bigger, you can trade in the love seat for a luxurious sectional. Maybe you’re upgrading from a breakfast nook to a spacious dining room, and need a new table to match. By renting furniture instead of buying it, you can select pieces that work specifically for your current home – after all, you aren’t stuck with it for your next home! You’re finally free to pick out furniture that fits perfectly.

Your style can evolve with each new home.

Trends in interior design are constantly changing and your personal preferences probably change too. Luckily, renting furniture means you can swap out furniture as your style changes and evolves. With a PCS comes a chance to dust off your Pinterest boards and experiment with a fresh new style.

You’ll save money on storage and transportation.

When you own furniture, you’re in charge of moving it. Moving furniture can get expensive, quickly. Shipping heavy pieces can cost a fortune, and it’s certainly not cheap to rent a moving truck. And it can take forever for the military to reimburse you! If you opt for military furniture rental instead, you don’t need to transport anything, anywhere, let alone save receipts, track moving trucks, and fill out piles of paperwork.

You can furnish a new home on short notice.

Whether your relocation was a last minute decision or you’re simply too busy to furnish and decorate a home, you can relax. CORT can deliver and set-up furniture on short notice so that your family isn’t sleeping on the floor! You have enough on your plate in the midst of a PCS, so let someone else worry about making your house feel like a home.

CORT accommodates military families by adjusting contracts accordingly.

CORT furniture rental is proud to help active duty military members. If you’re deployed, receive new PCS orders, or get discharged, CORT will release you from your contract. They understand that military life can be unpredictable, which is why they make sure your hands are never tied.

Depending on the needs of your military family, renting furniture might an easier and even cheaper option than buying furniture. Check out the great military furniture rental packages on CORT to learn more today. You’ll see that there are so many reasons to rent furniture, not buy it.