December 2013

Apartment master bedroom decorated to follow feng shui practices

Although the Chinese art of Feng Shui can sound daunting or complex, there are many minor ways you can implement feng shui into your college dorm or apartment arrangement. And while the mechanics of enhancing the chi flow of each room can sound like a lot of work, the idea that your mind is reflected in your living space or vice versa is fairly intuitive. After all, molding your apartment into a comfortable and inviting home by decreasing clutter and rearranging furniture certainly sounds like it could also help unclutter your mind.

find an apartmentSometimes as a student renter you might find yourself in the position of having to move out and find an apartment before your current lease expires.  But beware: breaking your lease can be expensive (or even illegal!).  Instead of worrying about the expenses and worries that come with breaking a lease, consider subletting your room for the remainder of the term of your lease.

Maybe you need to move locations to be closer to your job or for a quicker commute to school; maybe you’re having trouble with your roommates; or maybe you need a pet-friendly apartment.  Whatever your reason for needing to find a subletter, here are a few steps you can take to make the search a little quicker.