“Declutter My Apartment!”


Decide to Declutter

“Declutter my apartment!” has been on most apartment renters’ to-do lists since New Year’s. And here it is, already March! You shouldn’t wait until apartment moving day to discover lost and unneeded stuff. Start decluttering in simple little steps, room by room. Decide to declutter and don’t delay. Your roommates, pet, family and friends will thank you!

Organize with an Apartment Inventory

You might find your declutter project is easier with some apartment inventory software like Know Your Stuff, a great free application from the Insurance Information Institute. Not only will an apartment inventory help you figure out which Badfinger CD you’re missing from your collection, but it’ll also be a lifesaver if you ever need to make a claim on your renters insurance.

Our Apartment Decluttering Tips

  • Decluttering doesn’t use a lot of brainpower. Declutter while watching TV or listening to music – it’s easy!
  • Ask yourself, “When was the last time I used this?” The answer may surprise you. Why keep something bulky if you only use it every three years? Can you borrow one from a friend if you need it? Well, then, declutter it!
  • Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Another popular decluttering question. You don’t necessarily need to find an apartment with more space – you just need to declutter.
  • Tiny steps. Don’t tackle the whole apartment at once. Go room by room, or just tackle problem spots that you know will make a big difference.
  • Declutter and donate. It helps to know that your decluttered stuff is going to good causes, whether it’s the neighborhood thrift store, the homeless resource center downtown or your best friend.
  • Make decluttering fun. Put on some music that makes you want to dance and use that energy to dig through those piles of magazines, dirty clothes and gold bullion. (Okay, probably not the latter) If you have apartment roommates, set up a quick competition to see who can declutter faster or better. The worst declutterer has to clean the fridge!
  • Decluttering can make for a good party. Get your friends to declutter their apartments too and bring all the stuff to one place for a white elephant party. Everybody goes home with something they like.

We hope your spring cleaning goes well! And of course, if you do decide that decluttering isn’t enough, find an apartment with the storage space you need at ApartmentSearch.com. You can earn up to $200 in renter rewards with us!