Apartment Cats: An Ideal Choice

apartment catNo matter how big or small your space, cats are an ideal apartment pet. It is a common misconception that cats require large amounts of space or the outdoors  to stay occupied and happy. In fact, human love, interactive play and companionship are much more important. Indoor-only cats are easily able to entertain themselves and live fulfilling lives in your small apartment. The best news is, many apartments for rent allow small pets, especially cats. If you are in the market for a smaller one-bedroom or studio, consider adopting a cat to share it with. You will enrich her life, as well as your own.

There are several cat ownership tips that are specific to apartment dwellers. For example, it is crucial to keep the litter box fastidiously clean to prevent odors from spreading in the smaller area. Cat-proof your apartment by using catnip to attract cats to certain areas and away from others, and provide one or more scratching posts for her to climb and stretch out on. When using chemical products to clean your apartment, keep the cat in her crate and away from the area until it is wiped clean and dry. Make sure that your trashcan is covered or stowed under the sink to keep your curious little friend from jumping in.

Your cat will love apartment living, so long as you take a few simple steps to protect her and provide plenty of affection. Remember, playtime doesn’t have a minimum square-footage! Cats are beautiful, intelligent pets and you will enjoy the fun and companionship she brings to your apartment.

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