Apartment Manager: Your New Career?

apartment managerMaybe You Should Be the Manager at Your Apartment Complex

The apartment manager role might be a good fit for you if you enjoy working with people, are fairly organized and have a common-sense knowledge of home improvement. Apartment managers do get their share of grief and guff, but they also usually get good compensation: discounted or free rent.

In general, apartment manager jobs require you to work full time, but small apartment complexes won’t require a full-time commitment. If you’re looking to be a part-time apartment manager, though, keep in mind that your compensation might be proportional to the amount of time you work.

Apartment Manager Can Mean a Lot of Things

Another caveat is that many owners expect different things from their apartment managers. Some apartment managers are responsible for handling small repairs, tending the grounds and running credit reports for new tenants. Others simply collect checks, keep records and show units to people who want an apartment for rent.

As the owner’s on-site representative, an apartment manager needs to:

  • know when an apartment maintenance or emergency situation needs the owner’s attention
  • be available on weekends and after-hours for emergencies
  • fill vacancies quickly
  • be aware of apartment safety issues
  • know how to handle late rent and evictions
  • treat everyone fairly and professionally.

How To Become an Apartment Manager

Obviously, the best apartment manager opportunity is in your own complex. You already live there and know what the situation is. Ideally, you even have a positive relationship with the owner or the departing apartment manager. Of course, it helps if you’re already handy with a wrench and hammer or have worked on home improvement or construction projects.

Also, check Craigslist.org and the classifieds. Ask local property management companies and independent property managers if they know of any opportunities. You might find it advantageous to contact local real estate schools about certification.

Of course, if you live in a full-service apartment complex with a staffed leasing office, 24-hour security and all the amenities, chances are the leasing office staff already take care of all the apartment manager responsibilities. Still, it never hurts to inquire if that staff has any vacancies. If none of them live in the apartment complex, you already have the potential to be a big asset to the group by virtue of proximity.

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