7 Best Cat Breeds for Apartments

Meow! Cats make great apartment pets. They’re cute and loveable, plus non-smelly, non-slobbery, and low-maintenance (unlike a certain other animal which will not be named!). Still, some cat breeds do better than others in apartments.

Find out which ones should have you ooh-ing and aah-ing, and which ones you should shoo away. Laser pointers at the ready!

1. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is among the most popular cat breeds in the U.S.—and for a good reason! These cats are mellow, adaptable, easy-going, and affectionate. American Shorthairs don’t mind catnapping through the day, and they won’t pester you with howls and pleas to play with them.

Bonus points: they have extraordinarily long lifespans (15-20 years)!

2. Ragdoll

For a little more fluff, check out the Ragdoll cat. Because they’re so loveable, gentle, and laidback, Ragdoll cats make for ideal apartment dwellers. This breed will follow you around the apartment and ask (demand) to sit on your lap and lap up all the affection you can possibly offer. However, for pet owners bothered by hair, the Ragdoll may not be for you. Their fur requires regular grooming.

3. Persian

If you’re going for max cute fluffiness, look no further than the Persian cat. Persians need constant grooming and attention, so they won’t do well in an environment where their humans are away a lot. But if you have lots of love to offer—and you train your Persian to use the litter box early—you two will be great fur-iends!

4. Russian Blue

Are you kitten me? Russian Blue cats are gorgeous creatures. More independent than other cat breeds, the Russian Blue is ideal for working singles living in a solo apartment. Its coat requires little to no maintenance. Russian Blues are incredibly loyal to their humans, but shy around strangers. If you’re thinking “Same!” then you two will be great pals. Head to a shelter and find your new best buddy!

5. Javanese

Javanese cats are active and loving—not to mention vocal! If you’ve ever wondered what a conversation with a cat would be like, the Javanese is for you. You and your Javanese can meow up a storm together! These cats need a lot of one-on-one time to be happy, so get ready to dish out lots of pets.

6. British Shorthair

Have you always wanted a lap cat? The British Shorthair is for you. These cats are the kings and queens of adaptability. British Shorthairs are quiet, friendly, and low-maintenance, which makes them ideal for first-time cat owners and apartment dwellers.

7. Maine Coon

These cats are beyond cool. One of the largest cat breeds in the world, Maine Coons temper their size with a patient personality. Like the Persian, they require constant grooming—otherwise, you’ll be swimming in cat hair. Maine Coons are great family cats, but they’ll do just as well in your pet-friendly apartment.

Cats make for ideal apartment pets. You and your new little meow machine will be like two peas in a pod. But remember, the Egyptians worshipped cats, so yours will expect the same treatment from you! Pick your fur-avorite breed from this list, then head to a shelter to adopt today. A kitty in need will be so happy to see you.

P.S. If your current apartment doesn’t allow pets and you’re looking to adopt, search for the purr-fect pet-friendly apartment right meow on ApartmentSearch.