5 Exotic Apartment Pets You Should Definitely Reconsider

Mini-pigs are precious, but do they make good apartment pets? How about ferrets or iguanas? You may think cats and dogs are old news, but pause before you get creative. Some animals are well-suited for apartment life, while others are…not.

According to Realtor.com, some pets could ruin both your life, your lease, and your wallet!

“Exotic animals, small animals, and birds require more care and space than most people can provide,” says Katie Arth, spokeswoman for PETA. Plus, they can do serious damage to your apartment and may not even be allowed in your lease. So, before you bring home Timmy the Toucan, ask yourself, “Is this worth it?”

5 Exotic Apartment Pets

1. Monkeys.

Trust us: Monkeys don’t really jump on the bed. As cute and furry as they may be, monkeys are wild animals and should be treated as such. They deserve to live in a habitat that meets their needs, not in your studio apartment.

Not only would you be breaking your lease, you’d also be breaking the law in many states by owning a monkey. Don’t be Ross Geller or Justin Bieber. Just don’t.

2. Birds.

SQUAWK! SQUAWK! You may enjoy the sound of a loud bird, but we can assure you that your neighbors do not. That frustration may fester, leaving you with a noise violation complaint and a peeved landlord.

And, if the noise isn’t problemo uno, the mess will be. Birds send their droppings all over the house so your home will start to smell like a birdcage.

3. Pigs.

You’ve probably heard the chatter about a pig’s intellect and demeanor, but those qualities don’t necessarily translate to a positive apartment experience. Even if your lease doesn’t outline that pigs are a no-no, it probably does have language referring to the care of your floors. Pigs have a natural instinct to root, meaning they will scratch and scrape your floor with little regard for the carpet or wood panels.

Plus, pot-belly pigs can also grow up to 175 pounds! Bottom line? Enjoy pigs at the fair, not in your living room.

4. Ferrets.

Ferrets may be small in stature, but they make up for their size in energy. Ferrets are very active and need lots of space to run around, jump, climb, hide, and burrow. They always move, which not only makes for a frustrating roommate—it makes for an impossible pet.

The average apartment is 900 square feet, which is not spacious enough to really give a ferret what it deserves. As a result, they may lash out and leave you with a massive mess and no security deposit refund.

5. Iguanas.

Baby iguanas are precious. So precious, that nearly 1 million of these baby lizards are imported to the U.S. annually, according to Reptiles Magazine. But their needs as babies are significantly different from what you’ll have to provide your adult lizard. Your cute little guy can grow up to 7 feet long, meaning you’ll need an enclosure at least 12 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 6 feet high. Can that fit in your apartment? Doubtful.

Iguanas are cold-blooded critters, meaning they need heat bulbs to stay comfortable and safe. In the average apartment, you can’t control the heat to the degree that iguanas need. Any change of temperature could put your iguana at risk.

If you can’t live without Wilbur the Pig, make sure you take steps to ensure you’re living in the right spot, and follow these tips for moving with pets. Find the perfect pet-friendly apartment for you and your pet before you sign the dotted line on your lease. Whether that means living on the first floor or finding an apartment with a dog run, ApartmentSearch can help you find the best pet-friendly apartment!