Groundhog Day Arrives and It All Starts Again

AS_Alarm-ClockYou are there, in bed, enjoying the most beautiful slumber imaginable. Your dreams have whisked you away to a tropical oasis where <a horn blows in the distance> you bask in the brilliant <the horn blows again> sunshine sipping on a <there that annoying horn is again> delicious cocktail <horn> that is…

Suddenly you awaken and realize that the annoying horn is your alarm clock, ushering you into another day.

As usual, you hit the snooze bar a few times before begrudgingly going about your morning routine. Running slightly late as always, you pull away from your apartment community wishing you had another hour (or two) of sleep. You join the deluge of other daily commuters in the daily trek across the freeways that monopolize their work weeks. You try to daydream your way back to paradise while staring at the smog emerging from the vehicle in front of you.

Finally, after a virtual eternity, you finally arrive to you place of employment – only six minutes late (not too bad). As you slump down at your desk, you are filled with dread, knowing the return voyage will be equally as appalling.

By the time you finally return to your apartment, the sun has set and you barely have enough time to ingest dinner before hitting the sack again. Once again, you enter your happy dream land filled with sand, sunshine, and <a horn blows in the distance> as you begin sipping on a delicious cocktail <horn>

Do you feel like you are stuck in the movie Groundhog Day as you repeat the same day over and over again? Home – Commute – Work – Commute – Home. Life is so much sweeter when you enjoy it, rather than staring out of your car window. But you are not alone. The average U.S. worker spends 52 minutes a day getting to and from work. That amount to 10 days of your life every year, lost to the snarls of traffic you must endure (plus fuel costs, plus stress, plus, plus, plus). The time has come to stop the cycle and get back the time and peace of mind you greatly deserve.

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