New Year – New Semester – New Apartment

Two Women Moving Into New Home And Unpacking BoxesFinally it is here. Finals week is finished. You have packed up your dorm, and have left the campus for a wonderful holiday break. After a long stressful fall semester, nothing could be more welcome. But, while you are away, visions of a better campus life will be running through your head like sugar plums on Christmas Eve. It may have been that living in the residence hall was too noisy. Maybe one of your dorm roommates were a complete nightmare. Maybe living on campus just didn’t meet your expectations. But that is okay. If you act quickly, the New Year can bring a new start for your college experience.

There are plenty of advantages to living off-campus. One of the most notable is the fact that you now have more control over your environment. In the past, student housing was often dreaded by college students. The thought of being banished to a cinderblock bunker with lots of noise, distractions, and a lack of amenities sent cringes down the spine of students and parents alike. But today’s off-campus housing could not be any further away from that depiction. Today’s student communities are high-tech and luxurious, offering an environment more conducive to study and starting the first stages of adult life.

In fact, according to Chelsea Seidman, director of Client Services for US Postal Solutions, which handles mail and package services for campuses and student housing across the US, the number one reason why students move off-campus is “to find a higher quality lifestyle with more space, amenities, and to have a life more similar to how they were accustomed to living at home.” In Seidman’s previous career as manager of a student housing community, she saw that “students who moved off-campus in January often made these mid-year moves due to the miseries caused by roommate issues and a general unhappiness about the placement of where they lived.”

Many student housing communities offer the latest and greatest amenities to their residents. From theater and music rooms to on-site spas to digital amenities like text notification of package deliveries and built-in surround, sound student housing often has cutting-edge offerings years before they become commonplace at traditional multi-family apartment communities. Still, the most important reason for living at an off-campus community is the ability to focus on the things that matter most: growing your qualifications to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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