The Surefire Way to Rent an Apartment Your Cat Adores

Two happy cats lounging in apartmentCats love apartments. The sunlight streaming through the windows. The comfy chair or couch on which to spend afternoons. The screened-in patio to go on lizard-hunting adventures. All this adds up to a perfect dwelling for cats. This is why, when searching for a new home for you and your feline friends, apartment living rocks!

Apartment Living is the Cat’s Meow

1. VIEW: Trees and ponds outside your window draw birds, perfect entertainment for cats all day long.

(Cat’s viewpoint: Yes, you will get me an apartment that has an amazing view of lizards, birds, and stupid dogs).

2. ACTIVITIES: Screened-in patios offer a place for cats to chase insects and play with toys.

(Cat’s viewpoint: I not only own the patio, but I own every single room of the house. And your bed.)

3. SPACE. Whereas dogs need room to roam, any apartment can be a kingdom for a cat. And strategically placed furniture can turn your apartment into a kitty cat parkour arena.

(Cat’s viewpoint: And make sure I have plenty of catnip for those 2:00 a.m. bursts of energy.)

4. AMENITIES. Some apartment communities actually offer cat concierges who will feed and play with your cats while you are on vacation. Even at a community that does not offer that, there are plenty of cat-sitters amongst your neighbors.

(Cat’s viewpoint: Make sure they give me extra treats!)

5. ON TOP OF THE WORLD. Cats love finding high places to survey their domain: cabinets, countertops, ledges, and even strategically-placed shelves.

(Cat’s viewpoint: when searching for my next apartment, human, ask about the countertops and ledges on which I can climb.)

6. CAT ROOMS. Some apartment communities offer cat rooms, cat treats, and other amenities for your furry friends.

(Cat’s viewpoint: That is the least they can do. And stupid dogs still get more attention!)

So when you are searching for your cat’s next apartment, begin your search on There you can find the only national apartment search database that actually pays you for using it. Earn up to $200 in rewards (which buys a lot of catnip) when you tell your apartment community you found your cat’s apartment on