No Gym? No Problem! Staying Fit in Gym-less Apartments

apartmentsTrying to stay fit while living in an apartment with no gym can be frustrating.  While many apartments come equipped with gym facilities, those that are without them pose a real problem to the health-conscious.  You want to exercise regularly, but paying to go to a gym that requires a membership can get pricey, fast.  So what’s a healthy apartment-dweller to do?  There are actually plenty of measures you can take to stay fit and healthy without ever setting foot in a gym!

Here are five easy ways to exercise in apartments without a gym.

Take a Walk

Stroll around the apartment’s complex, walk to a nearby pharmacy, take the dog for a jog—time spent moving outside is great exercise.  Just be sure to wear sunscreen during the summer!

Go Swimming

Take advantage of your apartment’s pool to get some exercise!  Water workouts are easy on your joints, and keep you cool while you burn calories.  You can swim laps, engage in some water aerobic exercises, or just play a spirited game of “Marco Polo” with friends, family, or your neighbors.

Cardio It Up

Lose the elliptical and the treadmill and take care of your cardio needs right in your apartment’s living room.  Do jumping jacks, run in place, or fake jump rope to get your heart rate up in no time.  If you’re not on a ground floor and are concerned about disturbing your downstairs neighbors, take your cardio outside, by running up and down your apartment’s stairwell or jogging around the block.

Say “Namaste”

Practicing yoga requires a 71” x 24” space… and that’s all!  (That’s about the size of the average yoga mat.) That’s why yoga is ideal for a small-apartment renter in particular.  Yoga increases flexibility and strength, and is also great for peace of mind.

Use Bodyweight or Free Weights

You don’t need a full home gym to get a well-rounded workout in your apartment’s living room.  Do squats, lunges, wall sits, push-ups, crunches, planks… there are dozens of ways to fill your strength training quota using bodyweight.  If you have free weights, utilize those, as well.  In fact, you can turn on the TV and do reps while you watch!  It’s just one of the benefits of working out at home.

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