5 Creative Ways to Thank Your Friends For Moving Help

Group of friends sitting on floor of apartment after moving, eating pizzaIf you’ve ever helped someone when they’re moving to a new apartment, you know it can be tough work! But, if you’ve ever been the friend who needs the moving help, you also know that having your amigos there can definitely make moving easier. Once you’ve settled in, show your friends how much you appreciate their moving help! Try these creative ideas to say “thank you” and strengthen your friendships—without breaking the bank.

1. Cook them a homemade meal.

Finally got all your pots and pans unpacked? Good! Time to put them to use. Invite your helpers over to your new apartment and make them a delicious homemade dinner. Food is something nearly everyone can appreciate, and nothing says “thank you” like a hot meal prepared just for your friends. You don’t have to get super fancy with your culinary creations. Just cook with love!

2. Craft something for them.

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, now’s the time to get crafty! Make your friends a small gift that they’ll appreciate, like a dream catcher, decorated potted plant, or even a keychain charm. If you’d rather make an edible gift, but aren’t into hosting a big dinner party, whip up a batch of cookies or special trail mix. Then, deliver your goodies in individual bags with a personal note of gratitude.

3. Make them a gift basket or treat bag.

Your friends worked hard to help you move, so put together a small basket of their favorite treats. They deserve it! Head to the grocery store to buy candy, snacks, or even drinks that your friends will love. Keep your friends AND your wallet happy with a simple gift of their favorite things! (Bonus points if you sing the first few lines of “My Favorite Things” when you deliver the basket.)

4. Offer to do something for them in return.

Can’t spend any money to treat your friends to something fun? That’s okay! They offered their time and efforts to you, so why not do the same in return? Maybe your weekend brunch buddy wants to learn how to knit, and you could give her a few lessons. Or, maybe your neighbor is headed out of town for a trip soon, and needs someone to take care of his dog. Offer your time and talent to help a friend clean their house, learn how to skateboard, build a coffee table, or whatever it is they want to do. The sky’s the limit, and offering your time gives you the added bonus of an enjoyable day with your friend. A win-win, if we say so ourselves!

5. Write a thank you note and mail it.

We may live in a time where emails and texts are far more popular than snail mail (thanks, technology!). But come on, when’s the last your heart was warmed by an email? Hmm, probably never, right? Throw it back to simpler times and hand write thank you notes to send to your friends by mail. Better yet, get out the markers and channel your inner elementary school kid to make them a homemade card. It’ll make them smile, and it won’t cost you anything except time and kind words!

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