Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer – A Pup’s Story!

Young guy with sunglasses laying in grass, playing with white dog under the summer sunRoland slowly opened his eyes and let loose a giant yawn. After blinking a few time to clear the cobwebs in his head, he stood up and got out of bed. He stretched, shook off the weight of last night’s slumber, and set off upon his day.

As he wobbled into the apartment’s kitchen, he was greeted by a warm smile. “Hello Roland. Good Morning,” chirped Alex. “How about some breakfast?” Roland just sat there and eagerly waited. Soon they were both enjoying the first meal of the day. During breakfast, Alex talked about the day ahead and all the fun they were going to have. Like every day with Alex, it would be the adventure of a lifetime…

Not long after breakfast was done, they were off in the car on the way to City Park. Not far from their apartment in Metairie, Louisiana, City Park was Roland’s favorite place in the city. Sure, living in an apartment in New Orleans had plenty of other great opportunities for fun, but nothing quite beat a trip to City Park. The smells alone were worth the trip.

After an hour of frisbee and running around the park, both were hot and tired. It was only 11:00 am and it was already over 90 degrees! After stopping at the water fountain, they raced back to the car and onto the next stop. The breeze from the open car window took the sting out of the heat. It was simply joy.

As they crossed the Crescent City Connection bridge and made the trip into Gretna, Roland began to get excited. He knew this route and that it could only mean one thing. They were going to have a play date with Sarah and Max. Roland suspected that Alex may have a “thing” for Sarah, since he was seeing more and more of her. But that was okay because he got to spend time with Max. Pulling into the apartment community, Sarah and Max were waiting outside. As soon as Roland’s feet hit the ground, both he and Max were jumping for joy to see each other. Sarah greeted Alex with a kiss and everyone walked towards the playground.

After awhile, the heat became too much, so they went upstairs to eat lunch and cool off. Everyone hastily drank all the water they could. Roland and Max laid down on the cool tile floor in the kitchen. Today was so much fun. But the dog days of summer were here. Being dogs themselves, they panted as they lay there. wondering what fun they could get into in the cool, air-conditioned apartment. Maybe they could go chew on some of Sarah’s sneakers.

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