7 Winter Hacks Every Apartment Renter Should Know

Woman's feet in cozy socks next to open book, cup of coffee, and white headphonesDoes winter weather make you weary? Do you roll your eyes at the thought of the first snow? Are you cold right this second? Winter can be tough for some of us, but apartment dwellers have some situations that can’t always be fixed without the landlord making alterations, or even worse, without accidentally ruining something. Luckily, we’ve got some apartment life hacks for how to survive the winter without spending all of your money on running your heater and replacing your carpet (yikes!). Read up, because baby, it’s cold outside.

Hack #1: Pick it up, flip it and reverse it

Okay, well you can’t pick it up, but Missy had the last two things right. Your ceiling fan doesn’t just keep you cool–it’s also designed to keep warm air inside. Flip the switch (usually found on the base of the fan) to reverse the direction of the fan to spin clockwise. Cool air will be pulled up and warm air will be pushed down, making the room feel warmer.

Hack #2: Fill in the cracks

Feel a draft coming underneath your doors? If warm air is escaping and cold air is coming in, your problem can be solved easily and cheaply. Buy a “doorsnake” or better yet, make one yourself. Use foam pipe insulation or even a long sock filled with rice and sewn up to stop drafts in their tracks. Want an even quicker fix? Stick a rolled up towel under the door!

Hack #3: Keep it clean

Are your snow boots making a mess on the carpet? Keep your security deposit by creating a place to safely put your wet shoes after you come inside. Whether you use an absorbent towel or a shallow tray filled with rocks, leave your boots at the door so you can make sure the snow stays out of your apartment.

Hack #4: Closed for the winter

Save money on your electric bill by simply shutting vents in places that aren’t used as much. Your guest bathroom may not be warm, but your pockets will be nice and full. (But don’t forget to open the vent back up when guests stop by!)

Hack #5: Create your own cuddle buddy

No, it’s NOT weird! If your room is chilly and you need a little extra heat without the use of a heater, make your own: the same thing that you use to block drafts can also be used to warm you up. Try filling a long sock with rice, tying a knot at the end, and heating it up in the microwave for 30 seconds. It’ll keep you toasty warm on cold, lonely nights! It’s kind of like a heating pad, but no electricity is required.

Hack #6: Layer, layer, layer

Another trick to remember when trying to keep that electric bill down? Layer up your clothing when you’re inside, as if you were outside! No one will see that you have mismatched pajama pants on top of a onesie, which is exactly the beauty of it.

Hack #7: Box Socks

Though it may sound strange, an extra pair of socks can do wonders when it comes to your car and the apartment parking lot. You can cover your wipers with socks to keep them from freezing to the windshield overnight. You can also keep a pair in the glove box for extra traction, should you have to push your car out of a slippery situation. Putting them on over your shoes will make for a goofy, yet efficient way to gain traction in the snow.

Now that you’re ready for winter, make some cocoa, turn off the heat, and snuggle up to a nice sock full of rice. Ahhhh…cozy. Looking for other apartment hacks? Follow ApartmentSearch on Facebook and Twitter for even more smart tips and tricks, just for renters!