The Apartment Gym Possibilities

apartment gymAn apartment gym can be a seriously sweet amenity. Apartments that include access to a community gym may be at the top of the list for many renters, and for good reason — they’re convenient and they can help you save money on a pricey monthly membership to a regular gym. Though typically small and basic, apartment gym facilities are a big plus for residents who dig pumping iron, riding a stationary bike or jogging on a treadmill.

Apartment Gym Etiquette

There are several unspoken rules you should keep in mind if you use an apartment gym:

  • Make sure you clean up after yourself. Bring a towel to wipe up sweat from machines and benches, and if sanitizer and paper towels are provided, clean the gym equipment before and after you use it out of courtesy to the next person who will use it. You might also want to consider bringing a second, smaller towel for wiping sweat off your forehead.
  • Don’t talk on your cell phone. Apartment gyms are small, and neighbors working out near you might be annoyed if they have to listen to your conversation. You can always step outside if you absolutely must take a call.
  • If there are other people around, be careful that you don’t stay on a gym machine for too long — someone might be waiting for you to finish. Sometimes there will be a sign-up sheet or the management will post notifications regarding gym machine time limits, but if there isn’t anything posted, just use your best judgment.
  • If you work out with free weights, put them back when you’re headed to another station or your apartment. Gym weights left on the floor can wind up hurting one of your neighbors.
  • On a similar note, if you use a bar with weights on it, be sure and re-rack the weights. The gym patron who uses it after you may not be able to lift the amount you were lifting.

Find an Apartment with a Gym

Is all this talk about apartment gyms making you want to live somewhere that has one? We can’t blame you. Find an apartment that offers an apartment gym at, or search for an apartment for rent by state or city.