Watch For These 4 Danger Signs When Touring an Apartment

Landlord pointing at floor plan of apartment and giving apartment tourThe search for a new apartment can feel overwhelming. Time is often against you, and you may even begin your search from another state or country. You start by finding apartment options that fit within your desired area and price range. (Tools like ApartmentSearch are great to help you save time on this first part.) But usually, once you have the list narrowed down to a handful of options, you will want to visit the apartments in person. After a long day touring apartments, they often all begin to look the same.

However, there are some important differences you should look out for. Not all apartments are the same and sometimes the challenges can be hard to spot. This list will help you discover the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Communication – or lack thereof – is key. When the community that you toured is slow about following up with you after the tour, that is a red flag. If they fail to provide adequate, prompt follow-up, then what will happen when you have a maintenance need or other question as a resident? On the other hand, if you left the community only two minutes ago and are receiving a non-personalized follow-up form letter, then they may care less about your visit and more about adhering to a set policy. If they truly care about you becoming a resident, they will follow-up in a proper amount of time and in a sincere way.

There’s more focus on regulations than apartment amenities. As a renter, you must accept certain guidelines and sign a lease in order to live there. However, when you tour a community, overuse of phrases related to your lease contract should be cause for alarm. Watch out for communities that value talking about what they hold residents accountable for rather than how they can help you feel like this apartment will be a home you are comfortable in.

There seem to be a lot of little inconveniences. For many apartment dwellers, it’s the small things that have the most impact. One or two tiny inconveniences are not a big deal, but little things can add up to become big daily nuisances. Look up and down during your apartment tour. Mold lines on exteriors of buildings and dirty breezeways/hallways can signal neglect. Test the water in the apartment. How long does it take for it to get hot? Do you get great cell service in the apartment? Does the light coming through the windows throughout the day (or even at night) meet your needs? Remember: this is going to be your home. Make sure it has all the comforts you want.

You have concerns outside of the tour. Some items can only be learned when you are not on the actual apartment tour and these can stand out like night and day. Visit the community at odd times, such as when your commute would begin/end and at night. Is it crowded getting in or out of the community grounds? At night, is the lighting adequate, allowing you to feel safe walking about? Is nighttime noise a factor? These lessons are best discovered on your own and can make all the difference during your life in your new apartment home.

Of course, there are many more factors to consider, but everything starts with finding the right place to live. Start your apartment-finding process by visiting It is fast… it is easy… and it is free. Make finding your next apartment easy when you visit ApartmentSearch today!