How to Keep Apartments Germ-Free

apartmentsHave you taken a good look at your apartment’s kitchen lately?  Chances are, it’s not as clean as you think.  Your kitchen is just one of many areas in your apartment that may be harboring germs.  That’s because there are lots of places in apartments we don’t think twice about that could definitely benefit from a good scrubbing.  You should regularly vacuum, mop, and dust your apartment, of course, but there are plenty of unlikely culprits remaining.

Take some sanitizing wipes or a good cleaning spray and go over these things in your apartment to eliminate inconspicuous germs and stay healthy.

Purses, Laptop Bags and/or Backpacks

Your bag goes with you everywhere, and is set on all manner of chairs and floors over the course of the day.  Give the outside a quick cleaning with a wipe or a washcloth, and be sure you clean it out regularly.  You never know what might be lingering in the bottom of that bag.

Gym Equipment

If you use your apartment’s gym, be sure you wipe down the gym equipment after you use it.  Most apartments’ gyms have a spray bottle of cleaners and some paper towels handy for this surface.  Wipe down anything you touched, including the dashboards of any cardio equipment and the seats of weight machines.  If your apartment has no gym, be sure you clean any home gym equipment or yoga mats you may have.

Sponges and Dishrags

Your apartment’s kitchen cleaning implements spend so much time cleaning dirty dishes and surfaces that they become culprits for harboring germs themselves.  Wash them out every day, and put your sponges in the microwave for two minutes on high to dry and disinfect them.  Replace your sponges every month to help keep your apartment’s kitchen germ-free.  You can also throw your scrub brush in your dishwasher with each load of dishes, and let the machine do the work for you!

Cutting Boards

Clean your cutting boards after every use, and be extra thorough if you have used them to cut raw meat.  Use two cutting boards, if you have them; one for meat, and one for fruits and vegetables.

Miscellaneous Spots

Think about the last time you blew your nose, and then think about everything in your apartment’s living room that you touched afterward.  Those are the kinds of surfaces that could benefit from a quick spritz of disinfectant.  Pay attention to your apartment’s doorknobs, remote controls, light switches, computer keyboards, and faucet knobs.

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