The Best Cities for Today’s College Grads

Hopeful smiling college graduate, looking forward to her first jobIt has finally arrived. After years of classes, courses, seminars, and a myriad of ups and downs, you have finally succeeded! Graduation is finally here! And, as you prepare to depart from your student housing apartment, you gaze ahead at the various paths that lay before you. New job opportunities could take you to your next home, or maybe to a cabin in the Rocky Mountains! In any case, most of you will be departing the life you have known and will be venturing to a new city. These are the best cities for the graduating class of 2016.

Arlington, Virginia

If you are looking for a great job right out of the gate, you would be hard pressed to find a city that has more job opportunities than Arlington. The amount of money you can earn starting out will allow you to have a nice apartment and a few extra dollars to splurge on some of the great activities in neighboring Washington, D.C.

Atlanta, Georgia

Living on your own in a new city means expenses can stack up—fast. However, moving to Atlanta not only means a great opportunity to find the job you are looking for, but also a chance to save money on rent and utilities. The cost of living in the ATL is low, while wages for entering the workforce with a college degree remain high.

Orlando, Florida

Of course, who wants to have all work and no play? When it comes to fun things to do after 5PM, no place is quite like Orlando. The best Florida beaches are only 90 minutes away. There is a thriving sports scene with NBA, MLS, and Arena League football. Plus, there is no lack of quality jobs to help you earn the money you need to do things that interest you…except maybe yachting. Your first job probably won’t help you get one of those…

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

While many think of Louisiana State University when they hear about Baton Rouge, recent college grads with degrees in engineering or chemistry should be thinking of great jobs. Dow Chemical and Exxon Mobil both have availabilities in the city. And, with New Orleans within reach, there is no lack of fun to be had – as well as plenty of great apartments available.

Dallas, Texas

Over the past few years, Austin and Houston have gained in popularity as places to live, which is one of the reasons you will love Dallas! While everyone in those other cities fights for an affordable place to live, you have tons of great apartments to choose from in Dallas. And, when it comes to jobs, 10 of the Fortune 1000 companies call Dallas home and they are looking for recent grads to help their brands continue to be successful!

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