One Bedroom vs Studio Apartment: How Do You Choose?

It’s finally time to ditch the roommates (or parents) and get your own place! But how do you weigh your options? Most people that can afford to live alone go for a studio apartment or a one-bedroom, but what’s the difference? Here are some tips and facts about both to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Which Apartment Size is Right for You?

What’s your budget? While both spaces tend to be pretty budget-friendly, studio apartments are usually cheaper. If they’re not? It may depend on location. That being said…

Where do you want to live? In recent years, the trend of micro apartments has taken off – and more and more are being built in thriving, high demand areas. If a studio is the same price or more expensive than a one-bedroom, this may be why.

How much do you love IKEA? Or any decor and furniture, for that matter? A studio generally has less square footage than a one-bedroom, meaning less wall space for art and less floor space for furniture. One the other hand, you can get creative with various studio storage solutions!

Do you need a lot of space? Studio apartments typically only have one large area for all of your rooms – meaning you won’t get much room to roam. In a one-bedroom, you’ll at least have just that: one bedroom! You’ll also get a designated living area and kitchen, which isn’t offered in a studio. If you spend a lot of time at home, a studio may feel very small at times.

How many friends do you have? And how often do you like to have them over? If you’re a frequent host of gatherings, it may be more difficult to have bigger groups of people over in a studio…unless you don’t mind half of them sitting on your bed. Entertaining is much easier in a one-bedroom apartment, where there is a lot more space.

Do you enjoy cleaning? More space, unfortunately, means more places to get messy. If you’ve got a one-bedroom, you’ll have a bit more tidying up to do than if you live in a studio apartment.

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