Apartment Packing 101: How to Make a Home Moving Inventory List

Make-A-Moving-InventoryThe home inventory is an apartment moving man’s best friend.  If you’re embarking on a DIY move, you’ll be packing and unpacking dozens of boxes in your new apartment, and you may find yourself wondering which boxes to unload first, which to leave for later, and where on earth you put those dishes. If you’re hiring a moving company, you’ll want to make sure their inventory matches yours, and that you can compare the two at the end of the trip when you inspect them for inconsistencies.  This is why, either way, an apartment moving checklist with an inventory is a must.  But how do you inventory the contents of an entire apartment?  What do you include in a moving inventory list?  And how do you pack moving boxes so nothing gets lost? Read on for our tips for creating a moving inventory that would make your mama proud.

Making Your Own Moving Inventory List

If you’re a fan of a complete do-it-yourself home inventory and moving checklists, stick to a good ol’ spreadsheet.  Use pen and paper, or just a simple Microsoft Excel document.  Each feature (color, condition, etc.) should have its own column.  If you’re feeling really crazy, color-code each room on your spreadsheet, then label your moving boxes with corresponding colors.  Once you’re finished, make two copies and stash one in a safe place.

What to Put on a DIY Moving Inventory List

If you’re doing an apartment moving inventory all on your own, you can be as minimal or as detailed as you like.  Here are some details you might want to make note of as you make a list of all the things in your apartment.

  • Color
  • Condition
  • Date purchased
  • Place purchased
  • Dimensions
  • Quantity
  • Serial number
  • Value
  • Misc. distinctive features

Use Smartphone & Tablet Moving Apps

Not so organizationally-inclined? There’s an app for that. Actually, there are a lot of apps that can help you with a moving inventory.  Try out these apps for starters.

  • Encircle: Home Inventory
  • Home Move Pro
  • Items & Storage & Inventory
  • Moveline
  • Moving Checklist Pro
  • Moving Day
  • MyStuff2
  • Sortly
  • State Farm MoveTools™


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