5 Reasons To Consider Roommates

Roommates Making PizzaMore so now than ever before, adults, young and old, are living with roommates. In almost every major city, the percentage of homes now being shared by roommates has jumped considerably in the past ten years. It might be to save on rent, live in a larger space, or even just because a little extra company is ideal – but whatever the cause, apartment dwellers are consistently looking to outfit their two bedroom apartment with another resident. Here are 5 reasons why renting with roommates is more popular than ever.

Cost Benefit

Here’s the most obvious reason that people are sharing homes together – it’s cheaper. By gaining a roommate, tenants will be able to cut the cost of their rent, often in half, and have more disposable income back in their wallet.

Better Location

Because having a roommate cuts down on overall housing costs, many residents are able to move to more desireable neighborhoods with a higher price range. If you have a certain neighborhood you’re dying to live in but currently can’t afford, a roommate just may be the answer to your problem!

More Space

Many people think that having a roommate will mean a decrease in space they can call their own. Actually, with a two, three, or even four bedroom apartment, the physical square footage of your space grows to accommodate all tenants. For residents used to living in alone studio, the additional space will feel like a welcome change.

Keeping Company

Some people love the idea of living alone, but once you actually come home to an empty apartment every night, they crave having some extra company around. WIth a roommate, you’ll feel less alone and, often, having a roommate provides an additional sense of security.

A Helping Hand

The best perk of having a roommate? The upkeep of an apartment can now become a shared responsibility instead of a solo chore. Dishes, cleaning, and maintenance can be split between you and your roommate. Sharing the work will help keep your home environment both healthy and happy!

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