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AS_Dog-CouchThe simple fact is that we are obsessed with our pets. This Valentine’s Day, pet owners are expected to spend at least $30 on their pets and, as Americans, we spent more than $60 billion annually on our furry family members. We share photos of them on social media, we talk to them as if they were our own human children, and apartment renters go out of their way to make sure that they choose the apartment that is right for their pets. It is not a coincidence that the Westminster Dog Show takes place each year around Valentine’s Day and is held in New York City. Even Hollywood is getting in on the action with the upcoming movie, The Secret Life of Pets. For many of us, apartment life has definitely gone to the dogs.

Cheerful woman lying on sofa holding a grey kittenSnuggly though they may be, house cats aren’t always the ideal roommates. However, whether you are bringing home a new kitten for the first time or you are moving to an apartment with a long-time furry friend in tow, there are a few measures that you can take to keep your apartment cat-friendly. Use these 5 tips to cat-proof your apartment so you and your cuddly companion can coexist in peace.

People Walking DogsWhether it’s running errands or just getting outside, having a furry friend by your side always makes things a lot more fun. Cities that are fun for people and pups always get two big paws up from the Apartment Search team, which is why we tracked down the best cities for pet lovers in the U.S.

Albuquerque, NM

Quirky Albuquerque is a dog’s heaven – the fresh air of the nearby mountains and the dry climate is good for just about any kind of animal. Since there’s a good amount of space, apartments in Albuquerque also provide amenities for both your indoor and outdoor critters.

Group of Cats and Dogs SittingSam, a sweet, joyful cocker spaniel, is waiting anxiously to see his owners, John and Marley. His nose has been pressed up against the window for the past hour, even though they won’t be home from work for two more hours. Sam, of course, doesn’t have the same human concept of time. Still, while he has been waiting in his owners’ three bedroom apartment and has kept busy watching birds in the trees near his second-floor window, taking naps and playing with his favorite red rubber ball.

Sam, John, and Marley’s story is the same throughout apartment communities all over the U.S. Catering to furry family members has become one of the hallmarks of the apartment industry – and for good reason. Over 70 percent of U.S. households own a pet. In fact, more U.S. families own cats (30 percent) than own stocks (14 percent), according to The Federal Reserve. Cats are undoubtedly very popular pets, but more Americans own dogs: 36.5 percent of households, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Other popular pets include birds, fish, ferrets, rabbits, turtles, hamsters and guinea pigs.