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a dark tornado zooming across a fieldTornado Season is Underway

Spring and summer often bring about severe thunderstorms, which can often lead to tornadoes. Tornadoes can occur without warning and cause large amounts of damage to apartments and homes. At their worst, tornadoes can reach speeds of more than 300 mph. People who reside in apartments should have a storm plan laid out to avoid injury or death, reports the National Weather Service.

Apartment master bedroom decorated to follow feng shui practices

Although the Chinese art of Feng Shui can sound daunting or complex, there are many minor ways you can implement feng shui into your college dorm or apartment arrangement. And while the mechanics of enhancing the chi flow of each room can sound like a lot of work, the idea that your mind is reflected in your living space or vice versa is fairly intuitive. After all, molding your apartment into a comfortable and inviting home by decreasing clutter and rearranging furniture certainly sounds like it could also help unclutter your mind.

workout equipmentWhile you can easily stay fit in apartments with no gym, plenty of people prefer to have a separate facility on the premises with specialized equipment.  It can be nice not to have to drive to a gym which, while possibly bigger, is not within walking distance and requires steep sign-up and monthly fees.  That’s why living at an apartment complex with a gym is both a time-saver and a convenient way to exercise regularly!