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March 2015

St. Patrick's Day in ChicagoOn March 17, we celebrate that great American holiday known as St. Patrick’s Day. To many of us, it is a mid-week excuse to get out and party with our friends, watch parades, and act silly. But in many U.S. cities, it is one of the biggest events celebrated all year long.

Here are the best cities to live in for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations:

1. Boston, Mass.: Of course Boston is number one on our list! Boston claims the largest Irish population of any U.S. city at 20.4 percent, making the city a great place for residents to celebrate their heritage. Every year, the city’s numerous apartment residents can walk or drive to the huge St. Patrick’s Day parade, knowing the best vantage points to watch and enjoy. After the parade, they can walk to one of the many Irish pubs that Boston is famous for to celebrate the holiday.

Grand Rapids, Michigan Skyline“HOMES” is the acronym kids use to learn the names of America’s Great Lakes. But for many folks in Michigan, those Great Lakes and the surrounding cities are a home all their own! Here are a few reasons why Grand Rapids, Michigan should be on your radar for cool places to visit – and could be the site of your next home.

If You Like the Arts

The massive Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park covers 132 acres and is quickly becoming internationally known. And it’s not far from anything in the city, so you can get an apartment in Grand Rapids right next to some high-class sculptures and scenery.

Grocery Bags There are plenty of apartment hacks for loving the environment, even if you don’t live in an “eco-friendly apartment.” Here’s the good news: going green doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. It can actually be fun and a great way to save money. Here are a few ways to jump-start your green living:

Reducing Energy Consumption

  • Unplug your gadgets. Many electronics consume energy even when they are turned off. By unplugging the TVs, DVD players, consoles, coffee makers, etc. in your apartment when you’re not home or they’re not in use can save a lot on your electricity bill every month.
  • Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs use more energy and don’t last nearly as long so why bother?
  • Be conscious of temperature. Running heat and air conditioning not only sucks up energy but also money. During winter, turn the heat down by 2 degrees, wear a sweater, and you’ll save green. Washing your clothes on cold will also cut back costs.

Furniture In A Thrift StoreIf you’re living in a one-bedroom apartment, your furniture matters. But you don’t want to spend a lot of money on brand new furniture, or purchase a low quality piece from a superstore. Our advice? Find awesome stuff for cheap by thrifting.

Where to Start

You may have noticed some eclectic stores around your neighborhood but hadn’t been bold enough to step inside. These thrift stores can have the coolest couch you’ve ever seen from the 70s and beyond. Start making rounds at the thrift shops near you and you might end up catching something in great condition that you simply can’t live without.

Household Kitchen AppliancesWhen it comes to living in your first apartment, it’s difficult to know what kitchen items you’ll need right off the bat. Most of us know that kitchen tools like silverware, plates, and can openers are essentials but what about small appliances? Even if your 1-bedroom apartment has a small kitchen, there are a few gadgets that will make your life much easier. When it comes to kitchen appliances, here are our top recommendations:

Digital Hand Held DevicesIn 1984, Madonna said that she was a “material girl, living in a material world.” If she re-released that song today, we would imagine she’d be singing a new tune, that she’s a “digital girl, living in a high-tech world.” From smartphones to portable tablets to blue-tooth integration, the world as we know it has evolved over the past 30 years to make us almost 100% reliant on the technology around us. The smartphone in your pocket has more computing power that the systems that put a man on the moon. This digital life has become an integral part of our daily lives. Here are some of the ways technology is helping apartment renters get the most out of the apartment communities in which they live:

ApartmentSearch_Piggy-BankIf you’re living life on the college kid budget, then you’ve probably asked the question, “Do you have a discount for students?” at your favorite food stop. If you’re new to the student life or are looking to save a couple pennies, here are some starter tips to get you on the discounted path.

Find Expert Resources

A grad student, victory-lapping senior, or online forum could have all the golden knowledge you need to eat or shop cheaper. Beyond the usual spots around your campus, there could be somewhere you never thought would sympathize with your college going that will happily knock 15% off your taco bill.

French Quarter in New Orleans, LouisianaFebruary 17 is the pinnacle of the most festive time of the year for New Orleans residents: the famous Mardi Gras complete with its parades, community gatherings, and an overall sense of celebration. While many Americans love to celebrate Mardi Gras in their own way, there is nothing like living in the city and having a front-row seat to the greatest party in the U.S.

Here are the top five reasons why New Orleans’ residents love living in their city – during Mardi Gras and throughout the year:

Downtown Houston at NighttimeWhile everyone believes that the city in which they live is the best, the experts contend there are some that are better than others, particularly for job growth, favorable earnings-to-cost of living ratios and a safe and comfortable lifestyle. This Valentine’s Day, ApartmentSearch.com recognizes five of the top fastest-growing cities in the U.S., according to Forbes magazine. These are the cities that more of us desire to move to, in order to create a better lifestyle for ourselves:

  1. Houston, Texas: Houston is the fastest-growing city in the U.S., thanks to a surge in the energy industry and exports. Houston’s job growth outpaces the rest of the U.S. at 4.5 percent, compared to the prior year. The city – known for its friendly atmosphere, rodeos and thriving arts culture – also boasts median annual pay for college-educated workers of $71,900 – the fourth highest in the U.S. among metropolitan areas. Plus – as Houston residents can attest – the cost of living is much lower than many other cities, thanks to affordable apartments and homes.